這是由播放設備構成的世界,居民們生活在一台舊電視機裡,用播放功能來表達語言和行為,社會新鮮人小 V 抱著期待展開工作第一天,進入工廠後發現一切不如所想,甚至超乎他能承受的範圍,他決心反抗這個現況,儘管打破限制,卻帶來更大的影響。

About Story:

See this world inhabited by TV people. They live in an aged television and use media player icons to communicate and function. The story begins with the main character "Little V" excited on his first day of work. However, everything is not as he expected. It's much more demanding then he can take. Eventually, he decides to rebel against the status quo. Yet, even after breaking through the limitations. It only brings more disaster.

康智鈞、鄒涓如、史斯亞 / 2020 / 台灣 / 3-5 分鐘

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