aniFlix Animated Short Film

Film Regulation

No submission fee is required.
Once selected, there is no need to bear the cost of the platform.

Submitted Film

Limited to animated short films, not limited to
themes and technical media.

Intellectual Property Rights Statement

1. If the submitted film is an adaptation or the use of part of another person's work, including text, images and sounds, etc., it needs to obtain the authorization of the intellectual property owner, and no plagiarism is allowed.

2. If submitted films contain copyrighted material that is used without legal permissions, the organizer may disqualify the participating qualifications, and the applicant shall be responsible for any legal issues arising therefrom.

The application for this platform indicates that the applicant has understood and agreed to accept all the contents of the above-mentioned regulations, the organizer reserves the right to make alterations, which will be announced at the time of signing of the selection agreement.


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